WILD FOREST RETREAT A forest land in Greece for retreats & workshops

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An off the grid experience

Retreat from the city habits, feel the joy of life in nature, hike in the forest, gaze at the stars, get inspired to the practice of your art, rejuvenate and heal.


A peaceful and remote forest land, prepared to host all kinds of retreats looking for an environment that reconnects with the natural rhythms and the beautiful world that surrounds us.

In a wild unspoiled place with zero light, sound and air pollution, with an amazing sunrise view from the sea, we built a beautiful outdoor shelter with wooden floor of 70m² ideal for yoga, dance, theater and music activities. Inside the land there are also a camping area and two small forest houses prepared with very basic amenities to host the people. It’s a unique place inside the nature, peaceful and isolated, ideal for resting, detachment from city habits, practice and inner development.

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Place & Facilities

Inside an old-growth forest, located at the south-east side of Pelion mountain, viewing the Aegean sea from the altitude of 400m, lies our retreat place. The nearest village, Neohori, is 5km away on a dust road and the closest city, Volos, is around 45km far.

The place is isolated and there are not shops or market around. There are few neighboring natural houses around the area and the way to the village is one hour walk. The water comes from a forest spring, the energy from solar panels, there is no WiFi and the electricity supply is enough for the basic small lights for the night and devices charging. During the retreats the food, accommodation and transportation of the people will be provided by our team.

The area is ideal for small walks and there is a small beach nearby for swimming. The weather is normally warm in the summer, and the chance of rain is very rare. The small animals and insects of the forest will be around so it is suggested to bring a mosquito net.

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The forest land offers in general the very basic accommodating amenities, simple and ascetic, in order to sustain the wild, unspoiled character of the area and provide the opportunity to reconnect with nature, leaving behind the city comforts for a while.

There are two options for accommodation: the camping area  and the shared forest houses.


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The camping area 

A beautiful glade inside the forest with a summer kitchen, showers and toilets made out of natural materials. There are prepared flat spots for tents under the trees, space for hammocks and mosquito nets. The participants can bring their own tent, or rent a tent from us.

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The forest houses

Self-built houses, made out of wood, straw and cob, are ready to accommodate up to 4 persons in a shared space with low beds, attached kitchen and bathroom. Gas heater for hot showers is available and electricity from solar panel for lights and devices charging. Bed sheets, blankets and mosquito nets will be provided for the guests.

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The food will be organic and vegan, with the option of cheese, yogurt and milk for vegetarians. Most of the vegetables and fruits are growing wild or cultivated in our forest land. The gardens are part of the environment in our place and the veg & fruit picking is a daily process for meals. Food will be cooked in a sattvic way from a specialized cook, to help our concentration, detoxify our bodies and bring peace.

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Booking & Contact info

Our team is ready to host retreats throughout the year providing the accommodation, nutrition, transportation and all the necessary support.

According to the season different facilities are available due to weather alternations.

Group retreats, workshops but also personal ,self-scheduled, retreats can be hosted.

The minimum time for booking the place is 3 nights.

The starting price is 150euro per person

which includes :

Tent accommodation for 3nights/ 2 meals per day / transportation 

For accommodation in the forest houses will be an extra charge of 100euro for the three nights.

Then according to the number of participants and the needs of each retreat the price will be discussed and arranged with the organizers.

For more information and booking contact :

0030 6974841989


Wild Forest Retreat | Facebook



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